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It looks a little better now

I think...

My intention is to put some of my attempts at fictions writing here.

It's going to be mostly fanfiction probably and mostly from a game that I played in highschool that stuck in my head for several years and infected my brain again recently when my sister wanted to replay it because their was some event running on Steam, I think, and she was nostalgic for it. She ended up not finishing it (it's kind of broken on modern operating systems) but it got me thinking about certain niggles that I had had regarding aspects of gameplay and how particularly the main character was written and I wanted to experiment with how I would fix these issues. The gameplay niggles are beyond my ability to experiment with beyond speculation but the character writing... is still beyond my ability to fix but success is less out of reach. It's the difference between losing a race and not even being able to start.

...This all sounds very fancy for what will at best be some silly character fluff...

I will have put some of what will be posted here on AO3, I just like the idea of shouting some of this nonsense into the void rather than it only ever being read by people specifically looking at a particular videagame tag. This way, nobody will be likely to read it! :P