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(I actually still really love the glitter vomit look of early websites. I just decided that what I'd made didn't look that bad after all)

Also, readability. For my own poor eyeballs.

Just a quick note. Due to needing to study for a stupid certification exam for work, there may be no updates for the next two months (BOO! HISS!) I hope not! I don't want to put my fucking life on hold for this stupid fucking exam thing (that is unfortunately necessary) but I might get too much time to write.

Part 10 Done! Still think it might be weird and bad at parts but I don't care!

Part 11 is starting very slowly. Work has, unfortunately, taken priority over anything else that I've wanted to do for the past... while. Particularly this week. And now I'm trying to recover physically and mentally from overworking and it's fucked with my ability to write things. But I have been doing what I can to plan a few things out, so hopefully that'll help.

I have been thinking about a few other ideas to write. But I am a little worried that if I start on them I will never finish YM(N)LG, particularly at the moment. So they will have to wait for just a little while longer.

I wrote a short, smutty thing instead of writing... the other short, smutty thing I was supposed to be writing I did get a little studying done today, but my head was soft from a sinus infection, so it wasn't much of a loss writing this instead... Even though it was supposed only take me all of yesterday to write it.

Visit The Archive to read my other nonsense. They're all about the same characters (except for one! there's a new thing there!) and the rest are all complete short stories.

And I nearly forgot! Rare Doramas is a very useful site for finding older JDramas and movies from the early 2000s and before that are harder to find on other streaming sites. Some of the links no longer work, but it's still fun to be able to root around through a whole bunch of old TV shows.

Vimm's Lair is also a good place to go for older games to emulate. Because why shouldn't everyone get to enjoy some old games for free.