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I'd love to give this place an old school Web 1.0 look but I'm not quite sure how to do that

Also, readability

Part 9, I'm still working on this one but I'm getting there. And at least it's technically done.

Part 10, um, the interesting thing with this one is that I've theoretically already written a big chunk of this. But I wrote that before I even finished the first bit of Part 1 and the writing doesn't quite match up with what these later chapters sound like. So, I'm using it as a guide but rewriting it. I'm sure it'll go well.

Visit The Archive to read my other nonsense. They're all about the same characters (for the foreseeable future... I have an idea for, like, some kind of silly erotic episodic adventures featuring all original characters but that's a very vague idea at the moment) and the rest are all complete short stories.